Being “Qwerky” is Cool

Big Personality at Your Fingetips I think being quirky is cool! Typing on the Qwerkywriter is probably the coolest to the Generation X, and the Xennial generation. Raised in the analog world of typewriters, inked ribbons and yes, whiteout; I never really thought past what was in front of me. I remember when my family purchased ourContinue reading “Being “Qwerky” is Cool”

4 Fun, Fresh Beach Reads You Don’t Want to Miss

When you think of the perfect beach trip, you can’t help but think of bringing along a few beachreads. Beach and books just go great together! Who doesn’t love the sounds of the ocean in the background while drifting away into a story of characters you don’t know, yet it feels like you’ve known themContinue reading “4 Fun, Fresh Beach Reads You Don’t Want to Miss”