Being “Qwerky” is Cool

Big Personality at Your Fingetips I think being quirky is cool! Typing on the Qwerkywriter is probably the coolest to the Generation X, and the Xennial generation. Raised in the analog world of typewriters, inked ribbons and yes, whiteout; I never really thought past what was in front of me. I remember when my family purchased ourContinue reading “Being “Qwerky” is Cool”

8 of the Best Beach Reads You’ll Want to Read

Books you’ll take from the beach to the backyard There is nothing better than curling up with a book that you can immerse yourself in and accompany it with a tall glass of sweet tea lemonade, aka (Arnold Palmer!) Gluten-Free scone, anyone?   Here are my best beach read choices! Whatever your flavor, there isContinue reading “8 of the Best Beach Reads You’ll Want to Read”