Big Personality at Your Fingetips

I think being quirky is cool! Typing on the Qwerkywriter is probably the coolest to the Generation X, and the Xennial generation.

Raised in the analog world of typewriters, inked ribbons and yes, whiteout; I never really thought past what was in front of me. I remember when my family purchased our first electric typewriter; it was our new toy. Or more like my new toy.

Raising a kid in the iGen/Gen Z generation can have its challenges if you don’t educate them on what it was like to be a kid in the eighties.

My son appreciates the “classics” and all things considered “retro” from my generation. Just like I appreciate all the ever changing, crazy technology we are discovering together during his generation.

I have our retro collectibles or replicas displayed throughout our home because I like to remind myself of the generation I came from, and I want my son to know generations don’t die-off, we grow and evolve from them.

So, don’t lose sight of what once was, because things may come back full circle. Even if it is in the shape of a typewriter that now connects via bluetooth but feels and sounds like you are typing on an old-fashioned typewriter your grandmother may have learned to type on, if you’re from the Xennial generation or older.

If you appreciate typewriters, then try your hand at the Qwerkywriter. It’s my latest and coolest purchase that I’ve been eyeing for a while now. So glad I treated myself to this beautiful mechanical keyboard.

Happy typing, y’all! 

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