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To my surprise, Book of the Month Club has been around since 1926. I did not know they’ve been around that long. Yet, I can recall as far back as being a teenager becoming a member and thinking how grownup I felt to receive books in the mail along with an invoice that yes, I paid for because I had a part-time job. 

Fast-forward many years later, and I recently became part of the Book of the Month Club again. Sure, I can order books on other website platforms or go to my local bookstore, which I do. There is something about getting your books in snail mail. Like a surprise, a monthly gift to yourself. 

With all the madness going on in our world right now, you may not feel safe enough to go into a store and stay for a long period to choose some books, so you may rather order them. Whether you are signing up for yourself or giving a subscription to a friend, there is a selection for every genre and you’ll probably want to grab more than one book. I know I did! 

One perk of being a member of Book of the Month Club is getting dibs on early release books. Early releases are awesome people! To me, that is all worth it in a nutshell. So, if you’re not too sure whether to sign-up, my best advice is to try it. You may enjoy it, and there is no commitment.

My current BOTM choices are The Dating Plan by Sara Desai and Happy & You Know It by Laura Hankin.

We tell our kids to try new foods all the time. “Try it, you may like it.” Well, I’m telling you to try it, you may like it!

If you’re like me and like to take notes while reading a book or maybe you belong to a book club group and like to discuss and take notes on what you’re reading. Then this great My Book Club Notebook I created is a great tool to take notes to organize your book reviewing. You can find My Book Club Notebook here. Enjoy!

Happy Reading!

My Current BOTM Selection:

My Book Club Notebook

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