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A Book Lover's Journal

During these crazy times, people find themselves with more time to do something they once felt they did not have time for. People are finding time to learn fresh things, like cooking, exercising and even read more.

The once large stack of TBR piles of books on shelves and nightstands are now dwindling and book clubs are once again gaining popularity.

Virtual book clubs are growing and believe it or not, book sales are going up. Kindle lovers are downloading and recent releases are flying off the shelves.

Many years ago I was a part of a book club, but life happens and we all went our separate ways. There were no virtual book clubs. Now, I’m digging them! I find them convenient and doable. No commuting time needed.

Recently, I organized a virtual book club call “Let’s Get Bookish.” A book club for like-minded women who love to read contemporary women’s fiction and romance. When I created this virtual book club, I designed a book club notebook so I can take notes, summarize and review while I’m reading. 

My Book Club Notebook – A Book Lover’s Journal is now available on Amazon. It’s a brilliant addition to your reading process and a magnificent gift for the book lover in your life!

Happy Reading!


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