Jimmy Buffett taking us to Life on the Flip Side

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Beachy Tunes, Books, and BBQ Rub

     Dave, my neighbor, introduced me to Jimmy Buffett the summer of 2006 in Charlotte, NC on my front porch. Okay, let’s rewind. He introduced me to Mr. Buffett’s music the summer of 2006. Now, that’s more like it. A Brooklyn girl like me never heard of Jimmy Buffett, but I knew who Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire were, and always knew I was a country girl at heart. 

I was sweeping my front porch when I first heard the entertaining sounds of Margaritaville playing from my neighbor Dave’s front porch. There was Dave, smoking a cigarette, sitting down singing along to the tropic tunes that seemed perfect for a sunny Carolina day. He yelled over to me, “Do you like Jimmy Buffett?” I yelled back, “Who’s Jimmy Buffett?” 

Five minutes later, Dave walks across the street with a stack of Jimmy Buffett CD’s. He says, “Listen to Jimmy, and I want those CD’s back!” He continues to explain to me all about Jimmy and his books, restaurants, etc. I can honestly say, I didn’t want to give those CD’s back. I grew attached to the tropic tunes!

As an avid reader, you’d think I would have read one of Jimmy Buffett’s books by now, yet I haven’t! I just ordered a copy of “A Salty Piece of Land,” and look forward to reading this beach read! It’s not something I would normally read, but I figure if it’s anything like his tunes, then I’m in for a treat.

Jimmy Buffett’s latest “On the Flip Side” will make its way to be a part of my vinyl collection and will always be a part of my streaming feed for sure!

If you’ve never heard of Jimmy Buffett, well let me introduce you to the song Margaritaville! Click to listen! Learn more about this beachy lifestyle of island melodies that you too may fall in love with, like I did! Add some Margaritaville BBQ Rub and you have a tropical explosion that only Mr. Jimmy Buffett can bring to you.

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