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There was never a shortage of activity books growing up. We were told to keep ourselves busy and go do something! I for one buried my nose into books and word search puzzles. I would cringe at the mere thought of any math solving. You would find no sudoku puzzles at my home. Numerical related games were nowhere in sight as I am mathematically challenged, unless they came in the form of a deck of cards. Then it was game on!

Today, you’ll find these scattered throughout my home, but I’m not solving them. Somehow, my son has the math gene that I wish I had. And while I may not have the math gene, I have the creative gene. When I told him I was designing sudoku books, he was skeptical! Until he saw the finished product. 
I introduce to you the Sudoku Summer Puzzles in three levels, easy, medium and hard. You’ll find in each activity book 200 mind-boggling sudoku puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours. 
These are great to fill up some time, keep your mind sharp, as a gift, or just because you like to solve sudoku puzzles!

Go grab your Summer Sudoku Puzzles for those hot loungy days. Math fun for  all ages.

Hope you have a sudoku summer filled with fun!

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