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I fill my days with a writing schedule & in between to keep the juices flowing I create book covers!

Nowadays, schedules and managing my time have been important to me. The word “no” gets easier to use too when you have a goal to reach. Coming from a place of “yes” all the time will get you in trouble personally when you feel each day results in feeling like groundhogs day. I don’t like that feeling, and I can tell you my loved ones around me don’t either.

My days are full like anyone else when working towards something. It takes hard work and diligence and patience. Lots and lots of patience. There’s a learning curve when you’re learning about an industry that is constantly changing. You need to stay informed and be willing to change things along the way and learn. Learning is so vital for growth in any industry. But mine is writing. I hung up my lenses a year ago to dive into self publishing and pursue my first passion in life before I picked up a camera.
For me, it started with scholastic books. Do you remember Harriet the Spy? Gosh, I would beg my Mom to let me choose as many books as we could afford from that scholastic catalog. Then it went onto mysteries and horror. A nutty obsession in my tweens. But, one weekend I lingered in the books section of Caldor, similar to a Kmart back in the day, and discovered the romance category. The covers sucked me in, and I probably should not have been reading them but my Mom was “cool” like that! I would sit on the floor and start reading them. I was hooked! That became the norm every other weekend, and I kid you not when I tell you I left there with 4 romance paperbacks every time we visited.  
Lets fast forward to now. Life has happened in between it all, and I’ve had several unfinished manuscripts and there were no such things as digital books or amazon publishing. Now everything is literally available to you at your fingertips. And, here I am writing and creating my own covers. 
After some soul searching, because you have to do a bit of that ya know! I am in the middle of going for it and it’s been such a magnificent year of growth and learning for me. So, I fill my days with a writing schedule and in between to keep the juices flowing I create book covers for the kindle self publishing market, which I’ve recently made available on my website
This summer, I will release my debut Mathilda Maru series, and I’m smitten with this character. I’d love for you to learn more about the upcoming releases. Please be sure to join the newsletter email list here. And you can always find out more about what’s new on my website.

Happy Writing!


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