How to Write a Real Estate Listing Description that is Creative, Effective and Sells!

While the phrase “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” may have truth to it, the fact is the power of words can be just as impactful when you combine them both. It becomes a heartfelt vision, an emotional explosion! 


As an avid reader, the first thing I look for when searching for my next read is the connection. The second would be the hook.  Whether it is a fiction or non-fiction book, if you can hook me during the first paragraph, I will buy the book because I want to know more about this book. 

It’s no different when you are surfing through countless real estate listings online. The images will entice you, but the descriptive words will keep you engaged to want to know more about the property. It’s the connect and hook. It’s imperative to have the best quality images you can have to engage the potential buyer then emotionally hooking them to want to click on that contact button to view the property. That is the goal. To emotionally engage that potential buyer to take action.  


Let’s start with the elements of a real estate listing description. When a buyer is looking through property listings, they have criteria in mind, and your listing needs to meet those needs.

Here I will breakdown the elements of what a property listing description should include and communicate.


  • Basic Listing Information
  • Professional Images 
  • Conversational Descriptive Solution
  • Call-to-Action

This is basic. Don’t you think? You list the basic information to populate during a search and hope for the best, right? Not entirely.

While you can list the basic information like the bedroom and bathroom count and square footage, explaining the property through images and description is so much more powerful.

Professional images are important for your property listing. There are professional photographers specializing in real estate photography. They will highlight the property through imagery. Combine these images with a conversational, descriptive solution to hook the buyer!

What’s a conversational, descriptive solution? It’s the style of your writing and what you are giving them. You are giving them a solution to their search. When writing the listing, the tone should tell a story about this property in a conversational pitch describing the solution for their search. Allowing them to connect by envisioning they can live in this home.

At the end of the listing, end it with a call-to-action. This can be a contact me to schedule an appointment or an invitation statement such as the one below: Your oasis awaits!

Here is a before and after listing and description. Same image, which is not the problem. The question would be, is it enough? Which listing would you be interested in?

Basic listing: Beautiful brick home on a quiet road in a gorgeous neighborhood. Open floor plan with a nice sunroom and granite countertops throughout. Freshly painted throughout.  Attached 2-car garage with a storage area. This home is a must-see!!!

I don’t know about you, but this listing is boring. It really isn’t saying much to me except that apparently, it is a must-see! The image is beautiful, but the description doesn’t take me to that emotional explosion of wanting to take action. Not to mention, I don’t even know how many bedrooms it offers!

Look below at what this listing description can say?

Updated Listing: Come home to this dreamy, beautiful bungalow-style brick home on a quiet tree-lined street conveniently minutes away from downtown and shopping. Call this home an entertainment oasis. 

The main open floor plan gives you ample space to entertain and cook in an oversized gourmet kitchen with double-oven, built-ins, an oversized custom island with granite countertops throughout. Unwind in the four seasons sunroom complete with a fireplace overlooking a gorgeous paver patio. A perfect addition to any home. The Master Bedroom retreat with beamed ceilings and spa-like Master Bath. End your evening through the connecting sliding doors off the Master Bedroom that will bring you out onto the wooded backyard to unwind and enjoy the sunset. 

There are 3 bedrooms on the second-floor; One bedroom is a junior suite. This home has an office with built-ins, a lounge area for the kids, or extra office space. An attached 2-car garage with a custom storage area is a plus!  This breathtaking home in a magnificent location is the perfect getaway without leaving your home! Your oasis awaits!


Wow! All I can say is, YES! I want to go check out this oasis! It had me at the four seasons room! 

Did you see what I did? I was creating a mental image of this home. Engaging the potential buyer by being descriptive to help them envision what it would be like to be inside this home entertaining their guests or enjoying that four seasons sunroom. It makes me want to click through more images and it makes me want to contact the agent representing the property. 

Remember, connect, and hook. Using the power of words to connect and engage will not only bring you leads to your listings, but those leads will turn into buyers. Turning those leads into buyers will take a lot more than just an amazing listing description, but it’s a start.

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