Looking for the perfect gift for the writer in your life may not be an easy task for you. Whether it is for a loved one or friend, finding the right functional gift for this writer does not have to be dreadful!

Below are six functional gifts your writer will love and cherish. Writers need visual inspiration. Writers are constantly creating and need the right tools to keep even the smallest ounce of creativitiy going. 

So, what will you choose to help keep the writer in your life stay inspired?

Every writer will love this fun retro pen or pencil holder for their desk. They can also use it for decorative purposes, but it’s too adorable not to use it.

Every pen and pencil needs a home. Place them perfectly in this vintage pen/pencil holder.


I love this shirt for so many reasons! Believe me when I say this will be the go-to shirt for your writer. This comfy look is what they will need to get the juices flowing. For the lady writer in your life, add a pair of jeggings and she will be good to go!


                          The perfect comfy writer’s shirt to get your juices flowing!

I don’t know about you but I love an assortment of throw pillows! Especially the ones that inspire me. This super cute throw pillow is perfect to display in a writing space, use it for back support while writing “just one more chapter!” Or, great to prop underneath your laptop while plotting your next scene.

This “just one more chapter“throw pillow is an excellent addition to a writing space!
These Gandhi inspirational quote pencils will look great placed in the vintage typewriter pencil holder. I am a pencil junky and love the ability to erase anything I am not happy with. It helps when a piece of writing wood has an inspirational quote stamped into it. As a visual, it keeps me going when I write, so I know it will for the writer in your life.


Inspirational Gandhi quote pencils every writer will need.

Don’t forget the mug! This “Eat, Sleep, Write” mug says it all. Seriously, there is a mug of something filled to the rim when a writer is at play! Whatever floats your boat, fill it. Coffee, tea, milk, hot cocoa, wine? You’ll probably need a wine glass for that one but you get the picture. Writers get thirsty and we love pretty mugs and cups, so this is always the best and practical gift for the writer in your life.


Because writers do “eat, sleep, write” and we like to remind ourselves of it.

The writer in your life may not care for any hot beverages that belong in a mug. So for our lover of books meet the “Lolita Book Club” wine glass. With its fun graphics and colors, this is the perfect burst of fun-loving writing muse they will need.


This playful Lolita design “Book Club” wine glass is so vibrant, and it’s the perfect pair for a good book or writing one!

You have a great selection of gifts to choose from for the writer in your life, and I have to say that it will please them you’ve taken the time to research what they love to do. They will be one happy writer!

(This blog posts may contain affiliate links from Amazon. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use and love and I always have my readers’ best interest at heart.)

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