Tips to Choose Memorable Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use

Is it just me, or is deciding on wedding favors seem just as taxing as deciding on the perfect wedding dress? Maybe not, but it’s another decision and choice that needs to be made. It also needs to be “perfect” or “different” and not like what everyone else is choosing! Am I right?


Ladies! Wedding favors have come a long way. While you no longer will see mesh bags filled with almond sugar candies, you will still see the occasional wine opener. But that’s okay! There’s a favor for everyone. But, wouldn’t it be nice to give your guests something they will use? Something is functional or have a purpose?

Back in 2004, it stumped me about what I wanted to give my guests, all 55 of them. Yes, I had a small intimate garden themed backyard wedding, and it was my version of perfection. I gave my guests a baby seedling tree. I wanted to give my guests something that they could do something with and not throw inside some junk drawer. (We all have one of those!) My nature loving friend gave me the idea, and I fell beyond in love with my baby trees being planted, plus it fit the garden theme of my wedding. It didn’t stop there. I’m a bookworm so I had bookmarks made with a Bible verse with our wedding date and placed them across the tables.

So, this is the deal brides! When deciding on favors, think about how your guests will use the favor? Ask yourself:

1. Is it meaningful?

2. Is it practical?

3. Will it be edible?

Edible favors are great! You can use your creativity with pretty packaging. Maybe you love chocolate? Maybe you are having a holiday style theme wedding? Your favor can be vibrant chocolates in fun, festive packaging. Be creative.

Maybe you and your love are vinyl album collectors? Get creative and give your favorite song on an album as a favor. 

* (Just a thought!)

Whatever you choose, I’m sure your guests will treasure it.

Happy Wedding Planning!


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