Tips for Setting up a Yummy Dessert Table

You’re probably contemplating whether to have a dessert table or dessert bar setup at your small, intimate wedding? Maybe you think it’s something you would only have at a much larger wedding than your small intimate wedding.

Guess what! You can have a dessert bar setup, and I encourage it! Here’s why!


1. It’s fun, and who doesn’t love a dessert bar,anyway!

2. Some of your guests may not eat cake or any cake! So give them options.


Setting up a dessert table is simple and can be small and simple to big and over the top! Yet, when planning an intimate wedding, you may not want to do something over the top!


Here are a few tips and ideas to get this party started!

1. Location & Space Needed

You’ll want to set up your dessert table or bar in an area where guests can move around easily. A far corner away from the dance floor or crowded area will avoid any accidents.

2. Theme, Colors & Decor

This is the fun part of setting up the table. Use colors and decor to compliment the dessert table and have it coordinated with your wedding colors. Ask yourself, “Will the table need a backdrop?” What style are you going for? Classic desserts, vintage desserts, a candy bar style? There are so many options, but you want it to compliment the rest of your wedding decor. Remember, if you are on a budget, less is more. You don’t need to over crowd the table, just make it inviting and enticing.

3. Displaying Treats

I know the DIY bride will love this part because you can find some amazing ways to display your treats. First look around your home and see if there are cups, jars, serving trays you can use and may fit the style. Second, go to your local dollar store for glass plates, glasses, tumblers, etc. You can find some amazing options at the dollar store. Go online and search for wholesale items and buy in bulk, although if you’re having an intimate wedding it is safe to say you won’t need much in bulk. As always, ask! Ask relatives and friends if you can borrow some serving pieces to decorate and use. Thrift stores are a plus! You’ll be surprisedwhat you find at a thrift store. 

4. Types of Treats

My favorite part, choosing the treats! Once you know what theme and look you are going with, then this should come easy to you. But, here are some options for treats. 

Candy bar = licorice, chocolates, gumdrops, chocolate-covered cherries, chocolate covered marshmallows.

Pastries = cream puffs, cannolis, macaron’s, crème brûlée, custard tarts, and who doesn’t love fudge brownies!

The options are endless!

5. Complete the Look

Finish the look of the table with special decor you may like to add. Like, signage or quotes, confetti, an element pertaining to the theme of the wedding. Maybe a photo of you and your significant other eating your favorite dessert displayed on the table!

These are just a few tips to get you going. You can find tons of ideas on the web and, there is always Pinterest! Here’s a Pinterest board that may help you get started. It’s all about dessert tables and dessert bars! Happy Pinning!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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