5 Simple Tips On Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

You’ve decided to get married, and either will elope or have an intimate wedding! The wedding plans are in full swing!  Now you’ve also decided to writeyour vows and you’re trying to figure out where to start?  You may not be the type to pour your heart on paper, or maybe you may not be a fan of writing anything!


Don’t sweat it!  It’s a mindset at this point in the game of all things wedding! 


Whether it may be a pen and paper or sitting down at your computer, just follow these simple practical steps to pouring your heart out.

1.  Be on the same page! Make sure you and your partner are in agreement to profess each other’s love by writing them out and sharing them in front of your loved ones.


2.  Start by expressing “What marriage means to you!” I’ve been to weddings where couples use their parents as the inspiration of what marriage can be?  Some couples may use scripture to represent what they feel marriage means to them.  Starting with what marriage means to you will help you flow into my next tip.


3.  You know what marriage means to you. From there you will want to express the “Greatest Reasons” you want to marry your love!  This person who will be before you will want to know why you’ve chosen them. How they have perfectly fit into your life to spend the rest of your life with them.  That’s some deep love searching here!

4.  From Reasons to Promises will bring it all together.  You’ve stated your reasons, now state your promises to your love.  You can start with “I promise to…” Or, “I will…” There are 3 strong points of marriage.  They are “Your Love, Your Will and Your Promise… to one another.”

If you are having difficulty with expressive words to use, don’t worry I’ve got you covered! Onto my next point will help with this.


5. You’re thinking to yourself, “I’m not very good with expressive words!”  That’s okay! This is where books, poetry and movies come into play.  Go to your local bookstore or library and start searching for some of your favorite poetry books or books of quotes that will trigger the romantic side of you that may hide somewhere. Then there are the romantic movies of all movies that can give you just the right inspiration to get your thoughts down on paper.  I like the old classic black and white romance movies, but for a modern spin there is the famous Nicholas Sparks movie “The Notebook” that will get you going.  Look here for a list of the top 100 Romantic movies to get you started.



Remember to have fun writing your vows, it’s the day of pure joy you’ll always remember for the rest of your life besides the day your children are born!


Happy Wedding Planning!


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