What To Consider When Selecting A Small Wedding Venue

What Should You Consider When Selecting a Small Wedding Venue?


Yes, it’s stressful to find the perfect wedding venue and may take lots of time and research, but it also can be one of the fun parts of planning a wedding too!  You just need to make sure that your venue checks off all your bullet points is all! Oh,and stay within your budget! 

Below are four important things to consider before deciding on that fabulous venue!

  1. Location! Based on location will determine many factors. Does this location offer sufficient parking spaces for your guests? How accessible is the location for your guests? Will they have lots of walking to do once they arrive? Maybe this location is out of the state or a destination wedding?

  2. Is the venue within your budget? Affordability! What does the venue include? Can you afford it? Before looking at any venues, start by researching general costs by calling and speaking to the representative of the venue. The last thing you want to do while searching for a small wedding venue or any venue is going for a tour, falling in love with the venue and realize there is no way you can afford it. That’s definitely not a good feeling! 

  3. Venues Preferred Vendors Packages? Some wedding venues may require you to use their vendors, so it’s important to find out about this before you decide on booking. If this is the case, is there an advantage to booking? Are there discounts involved? Regardless, remember these preferred vendors must meet your needs, like budget and style.

  4. Wedding Style! Is the venue going fit your style/theme of the wedding? Remember, it’s all in the details. Whether your venue of choice is on a farm, vineyard, or mountain retreat, it’s important that the location will compliment the style and flow of your overall wedding experience.

There are so many things to consider when choosing the perfect wedding venue! The most important thing to do is to be sure to have fun while searching for the venue and enjoy the process! Be intentional and choose with a purpose in mind. Planning a wedding with more love and no stress starts with a choice!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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