The Top 5 Reasons Couples Consider Eloping

Everyone in time has thought about Eloping! I did! Seriously! I wanted to go to Vegas Baby! It might sound cliche, but the truth is I was a phone call away from booking The Bellagio for an Elopement and then we would be off to the South Pacific for our two-week honeymoon! But we exchanged our vows at the historic Central Park Conservatory Gardens in New York City and following the ceremony had a small intimate reception of 55 people. Two days later, we were off to the South Pacific for two weeks. That honeymoon rocked people!

Most couples love the idea of planning a wedding, yet they don’t take into consideration it all can cost lots of money! So, if you don’t have a budget you are in for an awakening! Researching is your friend at this point.

Let us look at why in these times we have couples deciding to Elope!

Reason #1: Debt Free

Weddings can break the bank! Money plays a huge factor, and if you don’t set a budget, you are in for an awakening! Couples who have eloped don’t want to deal with the expense and would rather use their money on the honeymoon of their dreams. (Like me!) Some even decide on an All-Inclusive Destination Wedding. Sounds good to me!

Reason #2: More Love No Stress

The planning process of a wedding can become stressful and overwhelming. Couples start bickering if they don’t agree and frankly who wants to bicker over who will sit next to Uncle Larry and Aunt Becky! Because we all know there can be some drama in everyone’s family, even if you’d like everyone to believe there is not! So, couples would rather plan a detailed-oriented Elopement than a blown out-of-control huge wedding extravaganza! 

Reason #3: Two Become One

Let’s keep it real people! Who is the wedding for, your friends and family or for you and the person you will spend the rest of your life with? As much as the Bride and Groom have this idea of everyone they love to be a witness to their nuptials, the fact is you cannot make everyone happy! Couples go the small intimate route when they cannot please everyone and decide on Eloping. Some time following their nuptials they have a party to celebrate at a local restaurant. This goes back to reason #2 of More Love No Stress. 

Reason #4: The Details

It’s in the details for Elopements nowadays. Brides love planning the nooks and crannies of the wedding of their Elopement. The parts that represent who they are as a couple. Such as deciding to Elope at their favorite campsite where they’ve spent many wonderful dates and evenings looking at the stars together.

The details that count for them are keeping it simple and Eloping and celebrating their love. The simple details override the excessive budget that can happen if they lose sight.

Reason #5: The Honeymoon

Oh, the Honeymoon! This is the fun part of it all, isn’t it? But, most couples exhaust themselves from the year of planning the big wedding? No time to rest until the Honeymoon! Wait! Stop the madness! 

Now, couples want the Elopement and have Honeymoon all-in-one! Keep it small and fabulous! Most companies will give you up to two weeks of vacation for a change-of-life. Why wouldn’t you want to Elope and have two consecutive weeks off and experience the Honeymoon of your dreams? It’s a great way to save money and who’s not to say your family wouldn’t take a long weekend trip to witness the love birds? You never know!

Whatever you decide, just remember how you’ve reached this point and plan with a purpose.

Happy Wedding Planning!


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